Revolutionizing How the Public and Private Sectors Connect People with Critical Resources and Information.

Using the most advanced technology, thousands of our trained outreach associates have connected the most vulnerable and hardest-to-reach communities to vital resources that have the potential to improve their quality of life.

Wrap Around Services

Billions of dollars in social benefits go unused every year, and COG is actively working to ensure the benefits reach the folks who need them most. COG outreach associates connect residents with the benefits they are eligible for and breaks down barriers to access by walking residents through complicated eligibility requirements and providing real-time application assistance. COG outreach associates can approach residents with multiple benefits at once, to ensure that they are maximizing the impact of their conversations and that the resident is gaining access to an array of benefits they may have been unaware of.

Climate Action

Climate change is the most significant threat to society. An intentional, targeted outreach effort to help climate champions implement policies like the Inflation Reduction Act and garner local support for renewable energy infrastructure projects, will be critical to combatting climate change. The Inflation Reduction Act provides $51 billion in consumer incentives to help residents transition to clean energy. While the investment is historic, only 27% of voters under the age of 45 know about the Inflation Reduction Act. These tax incentives will go largely untouched without a concerted effort to deliver them to the middle class, which will be necessary for large-scale adoption.

Public Health

The hardest-to-reach communities often are the most impacted by health issues due to social inequity, environmental injustice, lack of critical information, and limited access to health care and vital resources. COG aims to approach public health outreach through an equitable lens, ensuring that all people have access to care and other resources to support a healthy lifestyle.

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Our Turf

The Civic Operations Group is composed of deeply engaged and caring experts who actively counsel constituencies and connect them to services provided by the public and private sectors. We are a data and mission driven organization and our model is adaptable, dynamic, efficient and quickly scalable to meet rapidly evolving challenges. This flexibility allows the COG team to customize our proven outreach model for nearly any field, firm, or message that requires amplification, all while creating a valuable feedback loop to inform and improve future iterations. COG has capacity in 46 states and has operated programs in 9 states and Washington, DC!

News & Updates

Stay up to date with recent work that Civic Operations Group has executed in turf across the country:

Door-to-door canvassing effort promoting the Inflation Reduction Act extends to Madison, Milwaukee, La Crosse The city of Green Bay is joining a statewide effort to inform Wisconsinites about incentives in the federal Inflation Reduction Act that’ll help them save money...

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) held a roundtable with the League of Conservation Voters.


NJ ANCHOR Team Will Visit Lawrence To Help With Property Tax Relief

Canvassers will go door-to-door and will provide information and help complete applications for those who need assistance filing for ANCHOR. About...

Daily News Clips:

proactive, scalable, adaptable, and dynamic.

The Civic Operations Group is a mission driven organization, powered by millions of data points, that aims to breach the gap between the public and private sector and their respective constituencies. Our model is scalable, adaptable, dynamic, and nimble. This ample flexibility allows our team to apply this outreach model to essentially any field, firm, and message that needs to be amplified, all while creating a valuable qualitative and quantitative feedback loop to inform decision makers.

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