Disaster Relief and Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness

Educating residents ahead of a disaster is key to mitigating damage when disaster inevitably strikes. COG outreach associates contact residents directly to educate them on risk assessment, emergency planning, evacuation routes, and essential supplies.

Rapid Response & Relief

By activating a team that is already on the ground, COG can adjust scripts and materials to reflect the disaster at hand. Outreach associates are trained to connect residents to FEMA resources, food banks, shelters, and any other services that may be needed.

Long-Term Relief & Resilience

COG outreach associates help rebuild communities by connecting residents to resources that will aid in infrastructure rebuilding, economic recovery, and livelihood support for sustainable community recovery.

When disaster strikes, having a team of outreach associates ready to activate at a moment’s notice is critical to getting residents the resources they need. Civic Operations Group can mobilize quickly to help municipalities, departments, non-profits, and private clients disperse disaster relief resources.

Natural disasters are evidently more prevalent as the world fights against global warming. Not only is the occurrence of natural disasters increasing, but the average cost and the death toll continue to rise in recent years. Although we can’t completely prevent these events from happening, we can educate and prepare residents before disaster strikes. The COG team can provide communities with mitigation and preparedness plans, evacuation routes, and critical information to know. Post-disaster, our teams assist in tracking down affected residents to assist with housing insurance applications, financial assistance options, and other disaster relief benefits.