What we do

A Model That is Proactive, Scalable, Adaptable, and Dynamic

The Civic Operations Group is a mission driven organization, powered by millions of data points, that bridges the gap between the public and private sector and their respective constituencies. Our outreach model is scalable, adaptable, dynamic, and nimble. This flexibility allows our team to work in virtually any field or firm, and on any message that needs to be amplified, all while creating a valuable qualitative and quantitative feedback loop to inform decision makers.

The COG team are experts in resource identification, sign-up assistance, and stakeholder engagement. We specialize in working within marginalized communities and increasing their utilization of public, private, and philanthropic resources and opportunities with an end goal of improving their lives and that of their families. COG’s robust and flexible method of outreach is multi-layered, thorough, and can expand and tailor messaging on, but not limited to: