Moore has repeatedly dodged reporters’ questions about his political future. Often he responds with humor, asking if they are trying to get rid of him. On Wednesday, Moore told The News & Observer that “while I will be looking at a number of options after my final term as Speaker, right now I am entirely focused on my job serving the people of North Carolina as Speaker of the House,” according to an email shared by Demi Dowdy, Moore’s spokesperson. Paul Shumaker, a political adviser for Moore, said the longtime legislator “has multiple options on the table, all of which could have a lot of appeal.” One of those options is a run for Congress, but that is not set in stone, Shumaker said. “We don’t know what the maps are going to look like. We have all this speculation. It’s all being driven by folks outside of Tim Moore’s world, quite frankly driven more by the personal agenda that others may have politically,” he said.

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